Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Radical Parenting Suggestions

If you want your child to become a winner, then I have 3 radical suggestions:

1) So "no" to his/her request more often then you say "yes."
"No" is the most character-building two-letter word in the English language. Children who hear "no" sufficiently often learn to tolerate frustration. This tolerance enables them to preserve in the face of obstacles and adversity, and perseverance, need I remind you, is the essential ingredient in any success story. Whether the pursuit be vocational or avocational, social or spiritual, perseverance makes the difference between those who consistently reach goals and those who don't. It may sound strange to say, but if you want to help your child develop a successful attitude toward challenges of life, you must not be afraid to frustrate him.

2)Buy your child very few toys. Parents tell me that today's children complain of being bored more than they complain of anything else. This is new. Boredom was something I didn't know as a child, and I wasn't alone. I've asked countless numbers of people who raised children in the '40's and '50's, "Did your child frequently complain of being bored?" "No," is their answer.
Why not? Because when the people of my generation were children we didn't have a lot of toys. We had to learn, therefore, how to do a lot with relatively little. And that's what resourcefulness is all about.

3) Don't let your children watch much television, especially during their preschool years. The developmental skills that comprise and support the act of reading are acquired during the preschool years in the course of the most natural of childhood activities, play. Television-watching is neither a natural nor playful activity. It is passivity.

By John Rosemond book: "Because I said So!"

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