Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reliving the 80's

Ahhhh the 80's some great music was born and great musicians. We had rappers coming out of the hood,we wore leggings, big hair, and black rubber bracelets halfway up our arm. Guys started wearing make-up on and off stage and life was much different then today. Although we are seeing a lot of 80's fashions come back as fashion does recycle itself we also see someone else recycling himself. Who is this person you ask......Terry Brandstad.

Yes, Terry was Governor of this state in the 80's. I think a lot of the voters who got out and voted yesterday don't remember life in Iowa in the 80's when he was governor but I do and this is what I remember......

My dad was a union Ironworker and was struggling to work. Brandstad had raised taxes on of course the hard working middle class and he was NOT a friend to union workers across the entire state. While Brandstad was governor is the ONLY time I remember having to get food stamps because of the LACK of jobs in this state. My dad would sometimes be the only ironworker out in the bitter cold working when there was work to try to support his family. He would come home looking so cold and tired after a long day out in freezing cold weather. It was also at that time we had friends at church named Duane Cassill who had a used car dealership and he gave my dad a job to help him out in our time of need. Also I remember our church family bring over groceries and meals to help us out. It was not just us in the church struggling they saw many families in the congregation struggling. These were all hard working Christian men struggling to have jobs just to provide for their families.
And, no my parents didn't have debt besides a mortgage, they didn't use or have credit cards and had no other loans. It was not just my family, and many families (besides the rich with the great tax breaks) were struggling. Brandstad help make life hard for many Iowa families and definatley union laborers.
All I'm thinking now is hold on to your faith Shannon cause we I may see my family heading towards disaster and very tough financial situations depending on what Terry does and how much he raises middle class taxes. I pray he has learned from his many mistakes of the 80's and that he doesn't repeat the same mistakes and punishes the middle class so the rich can get richer. But I guess only time will tell what he will do.

For you, you may have voted for Brandstad, I guess in time we will see if you regret that decision. I know I was not happy with Chet as a governor and figured he would get beat by whomever republicans elected to run against him. It now has happened and I hope I end up with better memories of Brandstad this time around then the memories I have of him in the 80's cause they are bad memories and he did a terrible job in my book as a pre-teen/teen at the time and the struggle my parents went through just so we could have bread (sometimes we did eat bread, jelly and milk for supper)on the table I will NEVER forget!!

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