Sunday, December 13, 2009

Constructive Criticism

Before you start to read this let me just say if you like Sarah Palin....don't read it! I'm a Democrat and a Christian and DON'T vote on 1 issue(abortion) in any election. I found this column in the Sun newspaper written by a guest columnist and really enjoyed it and have the same feelings as the writer. So in order to keep up my blog I decided I would share what he wrote with all who wanted to read it. So as I said if you like Palin stop reading now. If you don't care for her then continue on.......

In an interview with a Christian Broadcasting Network, during the publicity blitz for her new book, "Going Rouge", former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called her critics "lonely", "shallow" and in need of prayer.
Gee, Thanks, Mrs.Palin. It humbles me that you would single out someone like me-who, while far from being your biggest fan wouldn't exactly call myself your most bitter detractor-while speaking to the friendly folks over at the CBN.
You're right; clearly I'm so vain that I think you're talking about me, so I could certainly use your prayers to get over those character flaws. But even after the loneliness is gone and I wake up to find my vanity cured, I still won't find you presidential material. Sorry.
I mean no offense. You wear that folksy northern charm like a Snuggie everywhere you go, be it in front of the cheering throngs, talking to Katie Couric or chatting it up with Oprah. You carry a grudge as well as the best of us, as evidenced by the ongoing feud between you and your grandson's father, Levi Johnston.
You're human; I respect that. But just as I would never think I should be president, I don't think you should, either. As Vonnegut would say, so it goes.
Sarah, (You don't mind if I call you Sarah, do you? We're just ordinary Joe Sixpacks, after all.), you'll have to forgive me, but I won't be picking up your book. Not because I'm not interested in hearing your side and being better informed, but simply because I fear the book is your way of forming an exploratory committee, that the sales will be parsed to gauge your national popularity. And I can't bring myself to give you the false sense that I want you to be our commander-in-chief.
As you can see, Sarah, I am being critical (still). And while it may make me lonely and shallow, I would be remiss in my responsibilities as an American citizen if I didn't critique those I encounter on the ballot at the polls. Because if we all cast our votes for those we'd like to have a beer with, or who we think we'd have the most fun hunting wolves with in our private helicopters, then who knows who'd be leading our country?
That's not to say I wouldn't accept an invite to grill moose burgers with your family while drinking cold American beer (not Budweiser, though, they're Belgian now) and playing Scrabble. It's only that it all wouldn't be quite the same if the cookout were at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

-Brandon Wellman The Sun newspaper Dec. 10, 2009

Thank you Brandon although I would have thrown in a little more sarcasm and hits on her you did a great job and I agree with you which is why I posted it on my blog.

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