Monday, May 5, 2008

Soccer gone Bad

Alivia is in spring soccer this year and the cards are stacked against them. Before their first game they got in one full practice and 30 min. of their second practice because of rain and lighting. We go to Solon for all the games and there first game they got killed 8-1. The second game and practice rained out :( One more practice in and then the next day the third game. This team was more up our league but they still beat us 3-1 with Alivia as the goal keeper who was unable to stop 2 goals. So we lightly teased her that they lost because of her. Then yes one more practice in with the last game on Saturday. It was a good try but another beating of 10-2!!
So for my $30.00 to Lisbon Parks and Rec. we got in 3 games, never won and had to drive to Solon all three times. It was a major bummer. I think next year we will go with Mount Vernon so we can stay more local and have more games to be played. I will post some pics of her playing. She loves the sport and is great as a forward because she is so fast at running. We told her to stick with that and not to volunteer to be goalie :)

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. What is up with the soccor people? !!!!