Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Real Housewives of..... it started on Bravo with Orange County. Then Bravo added NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, New Jersey and Beverly Hills. I started watching Orange County when it first started. I was wanting to see life of housewives who have money and live in the sunny state of CA. Like the others, the housewives are women just like you who are doing a reality show. I have learned a lot of things and seen a lot of changes in these different women. The first couple seasons of Orange County the women were friends and in general got along fine. I started watching NYC and then DC and thought wow the women on the east coast are mean to each other compared to the women on the west coast. But as women dropped out of the OC Housewives and new ones joined I realized that those women are just as mean.

With Alivia and even myself growing up there are always the mean girls in school. One would think when we got older and matured as females we would change and not be so caddy but it just doesn't happen. Alivia doesn't watch the show but sometimes sees previews if we are watching other stuff on Bravo. It has been a good way of telling her that even when she gets older, females are verbally mean to each other. You have to be careful in making friends and picking those to be friends with.

We are all different and have different personalities and sometimes that mixes well and other times it is like oil and water and you just can't mix them together. Which works for Bravo since you get to see a lot of "cat fights" which makes them money.

It also makes me reflect on past friendships and present ones. There are no perfect people and I will let my friends down and they will in turn let me down. From these friendships hopefully you grow as a person. Sometimes the friendship can be mended and other times you have to let it go. Some friends you lose touch with after they move away, some friendships are just for a short amount of time. It may be circumstances that bring you together and when that event is done you no longer keep in touch. Some people stay friends with those from high school or college and the both work at that friendship to keep it going strong. In some friendships you can go along time without seeing or talking to each other and pick right back up where you left off. Friendships are a funny thing and you can see all these different types on tv.   

Jesus had 12 close friends that he shared many things with. If you look at those friendships you may see personalities of some of your friends now or friends who had. John the disciple whom Jesus loved was loyal and a very good friend. Judas was the complete opposite and betrayed Jesus just as we have all had friends who have betrayed us. Peter was quick to the sword and had Jesus' back to defend him but also let him down by denying him. But after he heard the rooster crow his heart was very sad for what he had did. You may have had a friend who let you down and then came to ask for forgiveness because they truly do love you.  The rest of disciple as well had different personalities and different friendships with Jesus.

It can be hard to find a true friend. Someone whom you can trust, go to 24/7, listen to you, cry with you, rejoice with you and pray with you. Along that path to find that true friend or friends you will have hurt and disappointment. Your one true friend is Christ. He is everything you need and he has given up everything for you because He loves you that much. You will not find a friend like that here on earth because as I said we all mess up and are imperfect. But keep searching for that kind of friend here on earth because you can find someone who loves you for who you are, and will forgive you when you mess up and hurt them.

I'm very thankful for Darla, Sheri and Sherry three great friends who love me, forgive me and are there for me as I am for them.

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